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Our Mission

Access Point will be a hub through which everyone can reliably access the world through the provision of affordable, secured, customer-friendly, globally competitive online courier and logistics service solutions in an atmosphere of excellence and efficiency.

Our Vision

To be the leading courier and logistics service provider that offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions for all to access.


Access Point Courier & Logistics Solutions is a small, but innovative, company operating for the past three (3) years that caters to its clients by offering affordable courier services solutions to entities and individuals. We were born out of the need provide everyone with a customer-centric environment poised to help them solve their courier challenges and ensure a smooth handling of their packages from an order to collection. As a company, we have continued to evolve, innovate, collaborate and learn to always ensure that we create solutions for our clients that are affordable, reliable and fast.

Our success stories come from the way we conduct our business all in an effort to ensure that all clients are treated fairly and equitably; with care, compassion and customization. As a company, we take pride in our youthful, but experienced, team members with their unique skills in freight handling, customs handling, logistics, strategy, marketing, operations and business development. Because of this, we have been uniquely positioned to offer our clients even more affordable solutions to troubleshoot their logistic needs; without the sharp and costly overhead, while being compliant with the appropriate regulations and legislative environment that our industry operates in. Our commitment to excellence has assisted us greatly in ensuring that we operate in an effective and efficient environment that enables us to be grown and deliver cutting-edge solutions that will keep the loyalty of our clients.

Our Values

Access Point remains committed to optimal service and as such, we stand ready agree that we will be engaged you on principles of:











Product Offerings

As a learning organization, we are committed to offering a number of affordable, secured, customer-friendly, online courier service solutions in an atmosphere of excellence and efficiency. Towards that end, we are have repositioned ourselves to ensure our offerings remain globally competitive and cutting-edge in an effort to enable our clients to access fast and reliable courier services.

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