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The “Access Point” Brand

Access Point Courier and Logistics Solutions is your optimal courier services provider positioned to offer you selective and premium all-inclusive logistics services in an affordable package.

We are geared towards addressing customers’ needs to support many of the challenges experienced, or may experience, in the provision of procuring a logistics service solution company that responds to your required needs.

This global COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly disrupted how we live, work, play and do business. Therefore, Access Point has synergized our creative and innovative toolkit to response to and beyond this pandemic.

Many individuals and businesses worldwide need an innovative courier services that offer solutions from shipment to front-door delivery. That is the Access Point brand, “Your Access Point to create your best world”.

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After registering, you will receive a unique address in the United States for delivery of your packages.

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Visit and purchase products from your favourite brands online using your new and unique address.

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You will be notified where your packages are and when they are available for pick up or delivery.

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